Our services

Callamari Fine Art was established by Ellen Callamari in 2000 to provide comprehensive art advisory services to private and corporate collectors seeking to lay the foundation of a new collection or to enhance and refine existing collections. We specialize in the acquisition of contemporary and post-war artworks by both established and emerging artists.

Private Placement

We work with clients to understand and help refine their collecting goals and aspirations and then develop a cohesive collection within an agreed upon budget. Goals may include laying the foundation of what will become an important        ... more

Corporate Placement

Corporate collections require a well planned strategy. A budget for acquisition of carefully selected artworks by established or emerging artists can create value over time that merely decorative pieces will not.                               ... more


Callamari Fine Art provides appraisals for artworks specifically pieces dealing  with Post-War and Contemporary Art. Our certified appraisals can be useful when dealing with issues involving insurance, damage and loss, estates,             ... more